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Drives available at Lydd…….for info …….  email    rene@oekc.co.uk


Lydd  Sunday  July  16th  OEKC  Race  day  Schedule

Signing On   Please sign on as soon as you arrive at the circuit                                                                                                08.15 – 08.35                                   sign in                                                       closes at   08.35    sharp

Scrutineering    please  don’t  wait  until  9.24 !       08.15 – 09.25

Drivers Briefing                                                            09.35 – 09.55                             Drivers, briefing cannot start until you are all there, please don’t be late or you’ll lose practice time

60 minutes Practice & 15 minutes Qualifying      10.00 – 11.15

Karts to Pit Lane & into grid position                      11.30

Karts Leave Pits                                                           11.40

Race of 4.5 hours                                                        11.45 – 16.15

Trophy Presentation,                                                   16.30

The OEKC will be racing at Clay Pigeon on Sunday June 18th with  extra practice available from 3 to 6pm on Saturday 17th.

New & local teams are welcome to join us for the race.

Interested….please email     rene@oekc.co.uk   for information.

Why not visit our OEKC Facebook page for updates & photos.

eoekc 2015 rnd 7 BIMG_7686 (1414)

We are visiting the Fulbeck Kart circuit in early May 2017 with all day Saturday practice followed by a BBQ on Saturday evening. Race day is on Sunday 7th May.   You can race your own kart or hire a race ready kart.  Photos from previous races can be seen on the OEKC facebook page.

The 1st race of 2017 takes place on February 26th at Rye House, Hoddesdon.

If you are looking to join an OEKC team or hire a kart please call Dave at GMS 01732  850 858 or email your contact info to rene@oekc.co.uk

Happy Christmas to everyone connected with the OEKC…. Drivers, Team Managers, Scrutineers, Track Staff, Track Owners, Medics and anyone else involved with the UK’s fastest endurance karting championship.

See you all at Rye House on February 26th

The OEKC will be exhibiting at KARTMANIA.co.uk at The Wing, Silverstone on Saturday November 26th.

Come along and find out all about the UK’s fastest endurance kart racing series.

Our exhibition booth will be next Kelgate.co.uk manufacturers of high quality kart brakes.

Keep up to date by visiting the OEKC facebook page.

 LOW    COST   RACING  with   OEKC   in   2018
Race day will consist of 45 minutes practice & 15 minutes qualifying followed by 2 races, each 2.5 hours long. That’s 6 hours on track.
We are promoting the PROMAX class for the OEKC for 2018.
The class will use Promax ( junior Rotax max ) engines & 165kg minimum weight incl driver.
The advantages of using these reliable engines are;
1) A fresh engine should last the whole season without a rebuild.
2) The tyres can last 2 to 3 races
3) The kart will use less fuel
4) Less strain & pressure on the driver
5) The kart will use a hard axle which should last at least 3 race days ( 18 hours on track!)
6) Sprocket size will be specified by OEKC for each circuit
7) Wear & tear on the chassis will be less
8) Teams/drivers will be able to change / upgrade to a senior max team anytime they want.
9) Promax teams will score points in the main championship as well as in the PROMAX championship.
10) Overall running costs should be substantially lower than running in the current classes.
If you are interested in hiring a Griffiths Motor Sports (GMS) prepared ProMax for a test drive please email me asap.  oekc@hotmail.co.uk
The cost to race per driver in a team of 6 will be £150 each which includes your race entry fee  
OEKC 2017 rnd 5 CLAY PIGEON A 760) (10)
If you want to buy & prepare your own  promax kart for OEKC that’s good too. You must run with yellow plates & black numbers, yellow back bumper & a hard axle. GMS have Promax karts available for sale 01732 850858
You are welcome to come along and chat with drivers & watch any OEKC race.

On August 13/14th we will be visiting Fulbeck, Lincs. There will be a full day of practice on the saturday ( 1030 – 530pm) followed by a BBQ.

Race day will be on Sunday August 14th

New drivers, new teams & spectators welcome.

For more information please email rene@oekc.co.uk

The next round of the OEKC takes place at Lydd in Kent on Sunday July 17th 2016.

New teams welcome. For more info please email rene@oekc.co.uk

There will also be practice available on Saturday 16th July between 515 & 715pm.                                            Call circuit for more info re     Saturday practice 01797 321747

Any drivers looking to join a team ? For details please email rene@oekc.co.uk


Drivers, are you looking to join an OEKC team  ?

We have teams looking for drivers & race prepared karts available for hire to your team.

So you can enter as an individual or as a complete team of 4 drivers.

Would you like more information ?

Please email rene@oekc.co.uk for more information